Warren Overton on a recent tour of Toxfree’s Dandenong recycling facility

As we bid farewell to summer, (with the festive season well and truly a distant memory), now is the time to take stock of our achievements to date, and focus on our remaining targets, goals and aspirations for the rest of FY18/19.

To do so and without a moment to lose, we have expanded our family to 10 full time employees, recently welcoming Ed Scott-Dickins as our Compliance and Sustainability Coordinator, and Coral East our Business Operations Assistant. We are thrilled to have them on board, as Ed and Coral will provide our operations with much needed scale and depth, allowing us to increase productivity, deliver projects faster, and provide a greater level of personalised service to our member base.

Instrumental to ANZRP’s growth and success, is its relationship with the Regulator. As many of you know, there have been a number of high profile departures in recent months, with some key roles still not furnished. I am pleased to advise the Regulator is slowly re-instating sufficient departmental staffing. Their challenge will be to quickly develop an understanding of the complexities of the regulatory environment in which the NTCRS operates, and to establish rapport with the four Co-regulatory Arrangements. We are working closely with our colleagues in Canberra to ensure our Member’s interests are well represented.

I am also pleased to advise the review of the Product Stewardship Act and NTCRS is now slowly progressing again, with the Department indicating a first draft report will be sent to the Minister by mid-year. We anticipate being heavily involved in the review as it progresses, having spent time establishing good relationships with the Department’s new staff.

Standards Australia has also commenced its review of AS 5377 and our very own Carla Vasconi is the lead draft on this important project that is expected to take up to 18 months. Carla’s role will ensure ANZRP’s close involvement, ensuring we can best represent our views, and guarantee our position is taken into account.

In relation to the market landscape, the National Waste Policy is yet to be finalised at the State level, as the Commonwealth argues over funding and responsibilities. Nonetheless some uncoordinated action is being undertaken by each state to address the growing concerns surrounding recycling.

Recyclable materials ending up in landfill continue to erode consumer confidence. Undoubtedly, this will have a dramatic impact on the recycling sector. Regardless of this gloomy outlook, I believe it presents an us with an opportunity for the introduction of new approaches based on innovative technologies.

I would also like to acknowledge and commend several of our Members for their unwavering commitment to the circular economy. Dell recently announced a goal of 100 million pounds of reused materials in its products by 2020, Epson’s inkjet printer won a Grand Prize for excellence in energy efficiency and conservation, HP launched a new campaign providing young people with access to quality education, Dell and HP were recognised by the US EPA for their sustainable products and processes, and HP took out #4 in the top 100 most sustainable US companies .

ANZRP is privileged to be their chosen Co-regulatory Arrangement, representing a group of such visionary organisations, genuinely committed to reducing adverse environmental impact.

Finally, I have spent the last week of February in Singapore, meeting with potential stakeholders in the proposed e-waste product stewardship program. ANZRP is well placed to submit a compelling bid as the sole PRO when the tender process is launched late 2019/early 2020.

Stay safe,

Warren Overton – CEO