National Communications and Engagement Manager Savvas Aidonopoulos at the National Recycling Week event with War on Waste star ‘McChokey’


National Recycling Week is an exciting annual initiative run by Planet Ark, which this year ran from November 12-18. Leveraging our close relationship with our friends at Planet Ark, TechCollect gained unprecedented media attention both nationally and globally, with a total media reach of almost 33 million people. Articles of note included:

Herald Sun – What you can and can’t recycle

Daily Mail – The recycling mistakes we’re ALL making

Whimn – This is how you actually recycle 

We also ran a social media campaign aimed at education and awareness that reached 17,000 people. Engagement was garnered on Facebook and Twitter through a competition posing the question “Why is e-waste recycling important to you?”

The winner received a Waste Hero pack, her answer addressing the importance of product stewardship and circular economy principles.

National Recycling Week Sydney Event

This year Planet Ark held a public event in Belmore Park in Sydney, predominantly attracting school audiences. TechCollect joined a range of other recycling organisations including Bingo Industries, Downer Group, Reverse Garbage, Sydney Sustainability Centre, Detpak, Junkyard Beats, Lousy Ink, Replas, SMaRT Centre UNSW and the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, delivering a fun and educational day for the students and general public attendees involved.

Situated next to Planet Ark, our stand was busy for most of the day as we kept students engaged with an e-waste quiz competition. The question of the importance of e-waste recycling was put to this audience, attracting some outstanding answers from such young minds. Excitable and extremely knowledgeable, the students blew us away with their enthusiasm towards the issue. The prize was awarded to a grade 6 student whose answer was concerned with harmful substances affecting the environment and the impact this might have on animals.