ANZRP creates and manages complete solutions to end-of-life product management challenges for industry, government and consumers. We deliver sustainable programs with:

  • the highest standard of recycling in Australia
  • health, safety and environmental management for all stakeholders
  • logistics solutions
  • business brand protection

As market leaders in product stewardship, ANZRP provides expertise in areas such as:

Program Development & Management
Working with product stewardship bodies, regulators and industry to deliver effective resource recovery solutions.

Stakeholder Engagement
Facilitating communication between all tiers of Government, regulators, consumers and industry on key product stewardship and sustainability activities.

A comprehensive national offering, servicing metropolitan and regional areas.

Strategically located and independently audited recycling partners operating to defined environmental management, quality and safety standards.

Providing operational and management activities to deliver organisational sustainability objectives.

Applying research and analysis tools to deliver on key resource recovery and sustainability development for industry, government and consumers, constantly seeking to improve outcomes and encourage investment in Australia.

Brand Promotion
Engaging with government, community and industry groups in marketing activities to promote the sustainability activities of brand members.

Education and Awareness
Delivering communication campaigns to increase community awareness and encouraging changed recycling behaviour to drive effective resource recovery through a vibrant recycling industry.

On organisational sustainability objectives, regulatory environmental obligations and operational key performance indicators.

ANZRP can solve your e-waste management challenges