RESIN8 delivers on its promise

RESIN8 delivers on its promise

After several years of research, planning and project delivery ANZRP are very pleased that our investment is delivering results with the CRDC Victoria RESIN8 plant now operational and processing e-waste plastics.

The new plant, which is a JV between ANZRP (WeCollect) and CRDC Australia, has completed the commissioning phase and is now producing up to 8t/day of RESIN8. A second extruder line is being installed and processes refined with the aim for the plant to be producing up to 20t/day in the near future.

E-waste plastic from our SA recycler ERA has been successfully tested and is now being recycled on a regular basis. Previously this material was being sent to waste-to-energy which is not recognised as recycling under the NTCRS and thus cannot contribute to our 90% material Recycling Target.  ERA expect to send more than 200t/yr of plastic for recycling into RESIN8.

As the RESIN8 process can recycle all types of plastics the plant is also providing a valuable service to recycle soft plastics. Our facility is partnering with the major supermarket brands to support a trial in Melbourne with 12 stores to re-establish soft plastic recycling after the demise of the RedCycle program. As well as processing this pilot program material the plant is also receiving soft plastics from the stockpile that was created by the RedCycle program. For ANZRP members the plant can also receive soft and hard plastics from warehouse operations such as plastic wrap, strapping and pallets.

The RESIN8 that has been produced has been tested for block and paver manufacturing with positive results. It will also soon be trialled in a road project with a local council. ’ANZRP has put a lot of time and effort into this project, and it is gratifying to reach this stage’ says Warren Overton, CEO of ANZRP. ‘It was a bold move to ANZRP to invest in this project, yet it was strategically important to ensure that there was a viable option for e-waste plastic recycling in Australia.’