Increasing our reporting accuracy

Increasing our reporting accuracy

ANZRP takes its responsibilities seriously, and this is especially true when it comes to our reporting to the Regulator (DCCEEW).

In FY24, we have worked hard to improve on the accuracy of our reporting and working with our business partners to make improvements.  This has included the following activities

  • Reviewing FY23’s submission to find discrepancies between different recyclers reporting re: product breakdowns and recoveries of downstream vendors
  • Making industry assumptions to fill gaps, or where reported recoveries were not credible (e.g. printed circuit board recovery rates by pyrometallurgy process nearer to 30% by weight instead of 98%)
  • Developing a baseline flowchart which will provide an interim recovery rate calculation at any point in the year, for any recycler
  • Working hard with all our recyclers to either validate their established plastics recycling stream, or to help them in finding a verifiable downstream option for them
  • Working with some common downstream vendors to establish their actual recovery rate, to ensure consistency across reporting
  • Working with some key members who use recyclers outside ANZRP’s recycling partners, to improve granularity of reporting to achieve a more robust report and an improved recovery rate
  • Working with a potential on-shore printed circuit board recycler, who do not use the pyrometallurgy process, to develop their downstream recycling pathway for plastic, which will result in a very high (>95%) recovery rate

We expect the result of all this work to be an improvement to the reported recovery rate from 83.65% in FY23, to approximately 85.5% in FY24.

And with full plastics recycling for all recyclers in place, an expected >90% result for FY25.

Recently, we had the chance to meet with the regulator and show them the depth and level of the work we are doing in this space.  To show that with best endeavours, reviewed and approved plastic recycling was a reality, as was the ability to actually achieve the MRT% target of 90%, ethically.

It’s fair to say the Regulator was impressed by the level of detail and integrity in the work, saying that they very much appreciated our level of detail, scrutiny and rigor in our reporting.

Our intent is to always manage our members’ liability with the utmost of integrity and transparency, so members can feel assured that, through engaging with ANZRP, the positive impact to the environment is real and measurable.