ANZRP recertifies as a B Corp

ANZRP recertifies as a B Corp

In July, ANZRP successfully recertified as a B Corp achieving with a score of 109.2, a big improvement on our initial certification score of 89.5 in 2019.

Our commitment to improving our standards of governance, social and environmental wellbeing and employee wellbeing have helped boost our score.  

What is B Corp certification?

B Corp (or Benefit Corporation) is a voluntary certification scheme for organisations who aim to demonstrate high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability. Founded in 2006 by B Lab, the B Corp movement aims to use business as a force for good by creating a network of organisations that go beyond profit to benefit people and planet.

Over 7,000 organisations worldwide are certified B Corporations, across 91 countries. Australia is home to 560 of these entities.

Making a huge improvement on our score

To certify, or recertify, a company must complete a B Impact Assessment which will give them a score. The median score for companies who undertake a B Corp assessment is 50.2. To qualify for certification, organisations must score 80 points or above.

We’re proud to have made a massive leap from a score of 89.5 in 2019, to 109.2 this year. It’s hard evidence of the incredible effort that our people have put in over the last few years to improve the way ANZRP runs and grows its positive contribution.  

Growing ANZRP’s positive impact – three years of highlights

Since 2019, ANZRP has put in place numerous initiatives to improve its environmental, social and economic performance. Here are some of the achievements we’re proudest of, laid out against B Corp’s five pillars:


  • Embedding our purpose into our constitution (mission lock) to ensure that our social purpose is legally enshrined.
  • Linking social and environmental performance directly to Executive Team roles.


  • Improving our workplace by establishing hybrid work, expanding our bonus scheme, and providing equitable parental leave.
  • Increasing activity of the Wellbeing Team, with double the budget and triple the activity frequency.
  • Improvement in employee education, upskilling and on-the-job training.
  • Introduction of whistleblower policy.


  • Improved ethnic diversity across the ANZRP team.
  • Increased the number of women working at ANZRP to over 50%
  • Improved age diversity by 50%.


  • Increasing our low-impact renewable energy use from 30% to 79% of total energy use.
  • Achieving carbon neutrality by tracking carbon emissions and purchasing offsets.


  • Working with and consulting clients to improve their practices.
  • Surveying customers to help measure our outcomes.
  • Conducting a third-party Life Cycle Assessment to benchmark our performance.

What next?

ANZRP will next be up for recertification in 2026. By this stage, the format of the assessment will change. The five pillars will become 10, and more questions will be added. 

We will continue to build on our success and grow our positive contributions to people and planet.

You can read about our B Corp score in more detail here.