ANZRP achieves its targets two months early

ANZRP achieves its targets two months early

ANZRP has met both its recycling and reasonable access targets for FY23 two months early.

This achievement demonstrates our genuine commitment to meeting our members’ needs and achieving scheme compliance.

Surpassing our targets means that:

  • ANZRP can maintain and grow an ‘overcollect’ or buffer of collected material to ensure our members’ obligations are met and provide surety for future years.
  • ANZRP is able to make eWaste recycling more inclusive by providing access to more sites across Australia.

We are proud to have achieved our targets early and to grow our contribution to tackling Australia’s growing eWaste challenge.

Recycling more than our share – going beyond our recycling target

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) sets out recycling targets for co-regulators like ANZRP that are increasing each year until 2027 when they reach 80% of available e-waste. The targets ensure that increasing volumes of eWaste are diverted from landfill each year.

In April, we reached our collection target of over 21,900 tonnes, and we will continue to build upon this number as the year continues.

We have achieved this through our established network of council and retail collection sites, supplemented by member collection programs and collections undertaken by our partner recyclers.

ANZRP places stringent requirements on its recyclers, including independent auditing, GPS tracking and weighing to ensure that our recycling numbers are accurate. This means that not only will we have exceeded our recycling target, but we can be confident that our reported figures meet the highest standards of assurance for eWaste recycling.

Meeting our collection target early, and maintaining an over-collect buffer also means that ANZRP can maintain its strict quality standards without fear of missing our targets.

Providing recycling options to Australia’s most remote communities – going beyond our reasonable access target

In addition to the recycling target, the NTRCS sets out a reasonable access target that ensures that all Australians have access to eWaste recycling.

Our partnerships with local councils, community organisations, and businesses like Officeworks have helped meet our reasonable access target in March. The target requires that we provide Australian communities with a population of 2,000 or more with free e-waste collection services through permanent drop-off points and collection events. So far this year, ANZRP has provided over 260 services to Australian communities.

Our dedication to reasonable access goes beyond drop-off services like those at waste transfer stations and retail stores. We also frequently hold collection events in remote communities to encourage eWaste recycling and build communal awareness and understanding of eWaste issues.

While the number of communities that the NTCRS requires we service may change annually, ANZRP remains committed to providing all Australians with access to safe and free disposal of their computers, printers and televisions. This year, we have established a number of new remote sites that we have partnered with local councils and organisations, who we hope to continue working with in years to come.