ANZRP launches White Paper at Parliament House

ANZRP launches White Paper at Parliament House

August 2017 marked the launch of ANZRP’s White Paper, which includes many recommended changes to the Product Stewardship Act for consideration during its five-year Regulatory review. On behalf of the Minister for the Environment and Energy, Tim Wilson MP, Federal Member for Goldstein, joined ANZRP’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carmel Dollisson to officially launch the White Paper, which outlines how ANZRP believes the current legislation can be improved to create better recycling practices in Australia.

L-R Mark Mackay, ANZRP Chairman, Independent Director, Tim Wilson, MP, Federal Member for Goldstein and Carmel Dollisson, ANZRP CEO

You can view and download a copy of the White Paper here.

Carmel Dollisson, CEO, ANZRP, explains that ANZRP’s mission has always been to create a community that collects, processes and safely recycles e-waste (electronic waste) for responsible environment outcomes.

“With the changing e-waste landscape, we strongly believe the Review of the Act is key to improving product stewardship in Australia. It is vital for increasing transparency, innovation and economic opportunity in the recycling industry.

“With July marking the sixth anniversary of the Act, we are pleased to have the opportunity to provide an informed industry perspective on how the Scheme is working and ways in which it can be enhanced, updated and improved.

“We have captured the insights of our member companies and our own experience in the White Paper to ensure changes made to the Act deliver the best outcomes for business, local communities and the environment.”

The White Paper details numerous recommendations for the Government Regulator to consider, including:

  • Expanding the products collected
  • A greater level of shared responsibility by all stakeholders in the product lifecycle
  • Greater transparency within the Scheme itself
  • Redefining the volume of available e-waste
  • Educating the public on the benefits of product stewardship

Carmel Dollission, ANZRP CEO

“The core principle of good product stewardship is that everyone involved in producing, selling, using and disposing of products has a shared responsibility to ensure those products are responsibly recycled.

“That principle has been behind our development of the White Paper. We’re very hopeful that the Review will facilitate greater collaboration and ensure confidence in the e-waste recycling industry.”

To read the White Paper in full, click here.