Track ‘em Danno – ANZRP’s GPS Tracker Project


Transparency of operations is key to ensuring peace of mind. For this reason, ANZRP recently commenced installing GPS tracking devices into items of e-waste such as monitors, printers and computers, and then dropping them off at TechCollect collection sites.

These tracking devices provide us with information on the location and movement of the e-waste from the point of collection, transportation to recycling partner(s), and eventually to downstream processors.

All data collected is analysed on a regular basis and provides ANZRP (and members) with the added assurance that e-waste managed via the collection channel is being transported and processed in accordance to legislative guidelines.

GPS devices have been readily available for some time. However, the greatest challenge has been compliance to Australia’s surveillance legislation – as it varies from state. To comply ANZRP has notified all recycling partners and logistics providers that e-waste handled by them may contain tracking devices.

“We see this as a powerful way we can instil faith and a greater level of integrity into a system that (at times) has been exploited by other co-regulators. As the first and leading co-regulatory arrangement, ANZRP is committed to protecting the brands of its members and will do everything in its powers to achieve this outcome.”

“The results have been overwhelmingly positive so far. No tracked items have been diverted from their expected route  and have all been handled in accordance to the NTCRS,” said CEO Warren.