One of our TechCollect sites in the East Arnhem region

Over the years, ANZRP has built an enviable reputation as a leader in e-waste collections and recycling.

We believe that our commitment to community is a key aspect of our role helping educate and nurture positive behaviour in the safe and responsible handling of e-waste.

Our approach is exemplified in the manner we align to the many diverse Indigenous communities across Australia’s remote northern corner.

In the past six years, operations manager Janene Murdoch has worked tirelessly forging strong bonds with a multitude of Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Western Australia, Arnhem Land, central Northern Territory and Far North Queensland.

Aside from achieving ANZRP’s reasonable access requirements for the TechCollect program, our interaction with these communities has helped reinforce positive behaviour involving responsible environmental management, an increase in social consciousness, a reduction in landfill, and a sense of working with many to achieve a ‘big-picture’ environmental outcome.

“The support we have received has been overwhelming. When we first set out to partner with these remote and rural community groups, it was seen as a logistical nightmare. Through our collaborative and participative approach, we have overcome even the largest of hurdles – consolidating loads at centralised facilities before sending back to our accredited recyclers,” Janene said.

“It is so refreshing working for an organisation that is prepared to place sustained positive environmental and social outcomes above the need of pure profit. Through the support of and long standing commitment of our loyal Members, we have developed a sophisticated delivery model that not only achieves regulatory requirements, but one that invests in the relationships required to achieve great outcomes for Members, regulators, community and (of course) the environment.”

ANZRP now works with nine Indigenous communities in Arnhem Land to divert e-waste from landfill, and intends to grow this number.

Last week Janene Murdoch spoke at the NT Local Government Waste Symposium in Darwin, sharing her experience of overcoming logistical challenges with collection, aggregation and reverse logistics in remote areas.

With aims to find more efficient ways to achieve our reasonable access requirements, Janene believes there is a mutual benefit in servicing these areas which are often forgotten.