Great Things Come in Small Packages


Great progress has been made in the development of ANZRP’s first mobile e-waste factory whose purpose will be to service the needs of regional and rural Victoria.

Neatly fitting in a 40-foot shipping container, this facility will provide onsite e-waste processing capabilities leading to the stripping of materials and processing of plastics.  Assisting ANZRP achieve even greater efficiencies of scale that can ultimately lead to reduced processing and handling costs, the facility will be operated through various sites in Victoria, providing local governments with close and reasonable access to much needed e-waste services.

A first of its type in Australia (if not the world), this ground-breaking approach will revolutionise the management and processing of e-waste providing large and small communities with affordable and dependable recycling and processing services. Additionally, ANZRP is speaking to high profile social enterprises in a bid to staff the service through with their personnel.

The project has achieved a number of critical milestones, including the finalisation of designs, the sourcing of equipment, obtaining liability and property insurance, and selecting a suitably qualified engineering firm to construct the facility.

Its launch has been somewhat affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and has been re-scheduled for September 2020.