Traffic didn’t stop at the Dell Community E-waste Recycling Day held on June 15 in Frenchs Forest, according to Louise Dean, ANZ Quest Specialist at Dell.

“A staggering 430 cars came through during the Saturday event, dropping off end-of-life and unwanted computers, computer accessories and TVs resulting in 30 full cages of e-waste ready for recycling. This was nearly twice the number of cars we had last year,” Louise said.

Since 2014 in partnership with TechCollect, Dell Australia & New Zealand has run a yearly e-waste drop-off day.

This year saw the largest volume collected yet, with 18 tonnes of e-waste making it out of the drawers and garages of Sydney residents and into TechCollect hands.

TechCollect Operations & Programs Manager Janene Murdoch said the support received from Dell shows their commitment to the environment and community.

“It’s great to be able to provide this event for the local community with one of our largest Members who demonstrate a genuine commitment to making their practices as sustainable as possible,” Janene said.

Dell Technologies has one of the world’s largest global Take Back e-waste services, and recently reached its 2020 goal of collecting and recycling 2 billion pounds of e-waste.

Dell also recently won Gartner’s High-Tech Supply Chainnovator 2019 award for its circular economy initiative that includes creating the first global network of commercial-scale ocean-bound plastics supply chains.

In the media recently, Dell also called for European government leaders and the IT industry to work together to ensure public procurement policies take more into account than just the lowest price.

ANZRP-TechCollect would like to thank the team of 25 volunteers who worked tirelessly on the day, as well as all Dell staff that helped make the event a success.