Having now completed my first full year as CEO of ANZRP I can look back on a very successful 12 months. As we step into the new financial year I am pleased to report we have met our regulatory volume collection and reasonable access targets and are currently awaiting finalised material recovery rates from our recyclers, which also look to be on track. I am confident that we will yet again achieve 100% compliance, indicative of our unwavering commitment to the responsible and ethical management of e-waste and to the successful operation of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

2018/19 was an incredibly busy year and one in which ANZRP grew in a multitude of ways. Some key achievements to highlight include:

  • Completion of a full tender process for our recycling partners with updated contracts and pricing. This has enabled us to ensure all recyclers are on the same conditions and also to update contracts to include some important new clauses to assist with compliance and governance.
  • Submitted a comprehensive response to the Federal Department of Environment and Energy’s review of the Product Stewardship Act and the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.
  • Welcomed new Members from the retail space – Officeworks, Kmart and Target. We have also taken on the contract for Officeworks to run their ‘Bring It Back’ in-store collection program that has doubled our collection network and substantially increased our collection volume.
  • Developed a 3-year strategy for ANZRP looking to strengthen the TechCollect program and investigate opportunities to expand our services into other aligned areas, improving Members’ services and reducing costs.
  • Secured a $250,000 grant from Sustainability Victoria to build the world’s first commercial scale e-waste plastic micro-factory. This factory will convert e-waste plastic into 3D printer filament, turning a problem waste stream from e-waste recycling into a valuable commodity.
  • Launched a pilot TechCollect program in New Zealand supported by seven ANZRP members with collections through 16 OfficeMax stores. We held several meetings with the New Zealand government and Environment Minister Eugenie Sage and recently submitted an application to the Waste Minimisation Fund to expand our pilot and develop a regulated e-waste product stewardship scheme.
  • Began work with the Singapore government to develop a full e-waste product stewardship program, due to commence in 2021.

This is just a short list of key activities we have undertaken. We continue to follow our mission to be the ‘preferred product stewardship partner, connected locally and globally’ and look forward to progressing the mission in the years ahead.

I would like to personally thank all of our Members who have chosen ANZRP as their Co-regulatory Arrangement for the NTCRS. We promise to continue to provide you with the high quality service you have come to expect from ANZRP.


Warren Overton, CEO