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Young Aussie heroes to drive more e-waste recycling

ANZRP’s TechCollect program is calling for entrants for its Young E-Waste Hero program targeting primary school students.  We are looking for students that can demonstrate their understanding of the impact that e-waste has on the environment.

There are three awards up for grabs across Australia. To enter the competition, students are asked to submit a creative entry around the issue of e-waste, in the format of their choice: from a drawing or video entry, to a written story or a poem.

In addition, TechCollect has launched a new Education section of its website, initially featuring resources for primary school teachers and kids.

More information on the competition can be found here, while TechCollect’s new Education section is

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Regulator publishes 2013/14 reports

The Regulator of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS), the Commonwealth Department of the Environment, has just released the Scheme’s 2013/14 Annual Reports for each of the Co-regulatory Arrangements (CAs), as well as its own Outcomes document.

The 2013/14 was a highly successful one for ANZRP and its TechCollect program, in which all regulatory targets were successfully met.  We have since just completed our 2014/15 year.

ANZRP’s 2013/14 Annual Report focuses specifically on our work as the largest CA under the Scheme, while the Regulator’s Outcomes document has broader information about the Scheme’s activities.

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Minister announces NTCRS changes

Yesterday (10 June) Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt released the outcome of the NTCRS review.

There was some indication that the targets may increase, and this has been reflected in the outcome, with Option 3 (of the different options under consideration) to be adopted.

The key points of the changes are:

  • Recycling target to increase in 2015/16 to 50% or an estimated 10,050 additional tonnes – 53,000+ tonnes in total
  • Over four years, an additional 32,279 tonnes of e-waste to be recycled
  • Product weight conversion factors to be “fairer and more affordable” for liable parties, saving $71M over next the next 10 years
  • The Australian Standard will be mandated, however recyclers will have until 1 July 2016 to become certified to the standard

The Minister acknowledged “the vital role of the television and computer industries in funding the scheme”.

ANZRP will issue further information and feedback about the announcement in due course.