ANZRP is Social Traders certified


ANZRP is proud to announce we have recently achieved Social Traders Certification, joining a community of Australian businesses that are driven by a social purpose.

Social Traders exists to create jobs for disadvantaged Australians by linking business and government buyers with social enterprises.

As a supplier of an e-waste collection service, we join a network of 250 social enterprises and 36 buyer members looking to improve the social sustainability of their procurement.

Our goal in joining this network is to connect with like-minded organisations and provide our e-waste collection service to a greater number of Australian businesses and government agencies.

Since 2008, Social Traders has facilitated deals between buyers and social enterprises worth $28million and supported 350 jobs for disadvantaged people.

We look forward to the rewards this membership will bring, and the ways we can work with a community of organisations who share our values to achieve a wonderful outcome for all involved.

Visit their website to read more about their fantastic work.

People in workshop recycling computer parts

International E-Waste Day

October 13 marks the first International E-Waste Day. Founded by the WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) Forum, the day aims to raise the public profile of responsible e-waste recycling and encourage consumers to recycle their e-waste with the resulting increase in recycling rates on the day itself and into the future.

We are representing Australia this inaugural International E-Waste Day, and will be raising awareness of e-waste recycling and educating the public about TechCollect, our national e-waste recycling program. Help us spread the word this October 13.


  • 50 million tonnes of e-waste will be generated globally in 2018.
  • Electronic waste is the largest growing waste stream in Australia.
  • Aussies trash 22 million printers, keyboards, mice and peripherals a year.
  • Australians have recycled enough e-waste through the TechCollect program to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the steel alone!


 Everyone has a role to play in changing consumer habits and moving towards a circular economy – from individuals, to SMEs and international organisations.

Once your electronic device reaches its end-of-life, recycling is the next step in the product’s lifecycle. Reusing these valuable resources in the manufacture of new products closes the loop.

TechCollect provides a free, simple, environmentally-responsible solution for individuals.  There are over 100 TechCollect drop-off sites around Australia where you can take your old/unused electronics and ensure they are responsibly recycled.

If you are a small business looking for an e-waste recycling solution, call us on 1300 229 837 to see if you qualify for a free pick-up.


  • 66% of the world’s population is covered by e-waste legislation, however
  • 40 million tonnes of e-waste per annum is either placed in landfill, burned or illegally traded.


All e-waste that is dropped off at any TechCollect site is sent directly to our approved recycling partner network in Australia. Our recycling partners:

  • ensure at least 90% of all materials recovered from the e-waste we collect and recycle are reintroduced as raw materials in the manufacture of new products
  • operate to sound environmental and workplace health and safety standards

We are lobbying for downstream end-markets to be developed in Australia

To encourage a circular economy, we are actively lobbying for the development of local markets for recycling and for the use of recycled materials. We recently submitted our Consultation Paper, responding to the Department of the Environment and Energy’s review of the Product Stewardship Act 2011, under which we operate.

Help us spread the word about International E-Waste Day on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Man lifting old computer from skip bin for recycling

ANZRP meets all FY 16/17 Regulatory targets

ANZRP’s FY 16/17 Annual Report is now published on both the Federal Government and our websites. You can view it here.

We are proud to announce that we have met both Regulatory targets of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) – Recycling and Reasonable Access - and continue to maintain quality standards in a high cost-pressure environment. We also recovered over 95% of the commodities in the e-waste we collected, which is above the Scheme’s Material Recovery Target of 90%.

ANZRP is committed to making an active contribution to the enhancement and progression of product stewardship in Australia; and supporting our Members, not only with their obligations under the NTCRS, but representing them in broader product stewardship and thought leadership activities.

Education is key to driving change, which is why we invest significantly in broad-scale marketing to create community awareness and understanding of the importance of e-waste recycling and to re-evaluate the "take, make and dispose” extractive industrial model.

If you have any questions about the Annual Report, please don’t hesitate to contact us.