Advocacy Update


In late March, Warren Overton and Chair Mark Mackay led a delegation of ANZRP members to meet with Australia’s Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Trevor Evans. Originally planned as a face to face gathering, the meeting’s format was changed to video conference to accommodate latest restrictions pertaining to travel and work arrangements.

Key items raised by the delegation included:

  • NTCRS expansion to encompass full WEEE, thus simplifying messaging and achieving economies of scale;
  • Lack of available departmental resourcing, and loss of IP in recent times due to staff turnover;
  • Investment required into establishing a robust network of remote and regional NTCRS collection points;
  • Regulator’s need to tighten compliance of the NTCRS; and
  • Status of the government’s response to ANZRP’s submission concerning enhancements to the NTCRS.

The Assistant Minister Trevor Evans noted all points raised, and assured the delegation that in the coming months, the Department would be releasing its response. He emphasized the department has taken into account apparent shortfalls of the NTCRS and will provide a detailed way forward to enhance this most valued product stewardship scheme.

He also noted that in light of the COVID-19 situation, the provision of waste management solutions (including e-waste) is classed as an essential service. He went on to advise that in the coming months announcements will be made concerning Federal and State Government investment into various waste management infrastructure covering paper, glass, metals and plastics.

Government sees this as an opportunity to ‘turbo-charge’ the industry thus creating new employment opportunities once COVID-19 has ended.