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Save the date! ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Day

TechCollect is calling for businesses to mark December 8 in the calendar to create a more sustainable workplace!

17th November 2015, Melbourne: TechCollect, an industry-funded, free to the public national electronic waste (e-waste) recycling service, is calling for Australian businesses to take a look around the office on December 8, and recycle any unwanted computers, computer accessories, printers and TVs that have been hoarded in the office cupboard or storage room.

The average employee reportedly generates 1.7 tonnes of total waste in the workplace per year, with only half of this actually being recycled. TechCollect believes that the lead up to Christmas is the perfect time for both employers and employees to clear the office of unwanted technology – and, at the same time, take shared responsibility for their e-waste.

Research also shows that 80% of employees want to see more recycling in their workplaces, and 71% believe that having access to recycling facilities at work makes them feel like they work for a responsible employer.

“It’s important for employees to feel like they work for an employer that’s passionate about corporate social responsibility. ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ day is a great opportunity to show employees, clients and business partners that sustainability is at the top of the business agenda – while freeing up some space around the office,” says Carmel Dollisson, CEO of TechCollect.

“We’re encouraging businesses to make a pledge to support ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Day on December 8 2015 – to make a positive impact on the environment and the wider community by recycling their e-waste at their nearest TechCollect drop off site.”

There’s four great ways businesses can make a difference on ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Day:
1. Send an all-company email to advise employees that you’re rounding up old computers, printers and accessories. You can then find your nearest TechCollect drop-off point at, as well as information on what we take.
2. Education is vital, not just for better workplace practice but at home. Alert your employees by staff communication to the service offered by TechCollect – remember, we accept e-waste product from households as well.
3. If you’re a business that has an ongoing requirement to regularly dispose of large volumes of IT and want to explore collection and recycling solutions, use ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Day as an excuse to call us on 1300 229 837.
4. Finally, we encourage companies to share information about our free not-for-profit service via their stakeholder networks and social media channels.

“Businesses are good at recycling paper, cardboard and toners among other items, but we need to build on this effort. Many businesses are unaware that their technology contains valuable resources, the majority of which can be recovered and put back into the manufacturing process.

“When businesses throw out their old computers and televisions rather than taking them to a designated drop-off site for recycling, these non-renewable resources are essentially lost forever. We can all make a difference, it’s a simple and easy decision to do the right thing,” said Dollisson.

Remember, to find out more information about TechCollect or to find a designated drop-off site closest to you, visit